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Acura Digital Dealer Program Frequently Asked Questions 



What's the best package for my dealership?

Choosing the best package for your dealership depends on many factors, for example, dealership size, location, inventory, market competition, budget limitations, etc. can all come into play. The best way to determine the best package for your dealership is to speak with our team here.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, we work on a 30-day agreement terms.

What website providers do you integrate with? What about integration fees?

Dealer Teamwork integrates with every automotive website provider. No, we do not charge integration fees.

Are Acura dealerships co-op eligible to advertise on social media using the MPOP®?

Yes! Acura dealerships are co-op eligible for Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP® Social Media Marketing product. Acura dealerships can use Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP® digital advertising platform to advertise new and used vehicle offers on Facebook and Instagram. MPOP® Social Media Marketing is automatically included at no additional cost for Acura dealerships that sign up for Dealer Teamwork’s Gold or Platinum packages.

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