Need to audit your PPC provider?

Top 16 questions to ask your PPC vendor!

Discover the hard-hitting questions you need to ask your search vendor today with our audit checklist!

Here's how to get the facts from your PPC vendor

16 top questions you should ask your paid search vendor!

Proper ad structure

Branded spend

Learn if your campaigns use the right items to convert clicks!

Discover if your campaigns are designed to prevent wasted ad spend!

Post-click experiences

Reporting transparency

Where does your vendor land PPC traffic and why?

What is being reported, is it set-up correctly & is it 100% open and honest?

Scott Risley

Digital Marketing Manager, Mohawk Honda

"Thank you! These questions helped me learn so much about what my PPC vendor was doing. (and wasn't doing!) The answers I got opened my eyes to what was going on!" 

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