The Pillars of Our Shared Success

Exclusive Subaru Retailers Webinar Series

NOVEMBER 13th 1pm ET

presented by

Sean Stapleton, Co-Founder & CEO

Dealer Teamwork has a proven track record of helping dealerships like yours achieve their business goals with superior results as true partners. Join us for a comprehensive look at the fundamentals that support our shared success. 

In this webinar, we'll walk through our unique Total Search™ approach and patented technology with real-world examples of the latest tactics and strategies with results that far exceed industry standards and benchmarks. 

Gain access to the tools needed to stand out from the competition and optimize your dealership’s performance in the Subaru Certified Paid Search Program.

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Drive low-funnel, high-quality sales and service opportunities specific to your unique inventory, market, and goals

The future of modern digital marketing is a unified approach led by AI, Automation, and Analytics. 






The difference between good and great marketing is how you use your own data.


From targeting keywords to mastering the consumer on Google, learn to leverage Total Search™.


Creating dynamic content with personalized relevancy distributed across all digital channels consistently builds brand authority and consumer trust.


Measure what matters most with real-time performance visibility and control to make better-informed decisions...faster.

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