Eric Miltsch – Co-founder & Sr. Director of Marketing

"Don't forget where you came from!"

Eric Miltsch - Co-founder, Dealer Teamwork

Eric Miltsch is a successful automotive professional specializing in search, social, & mobile marketing strategies. As one of Dealer Teamwork’s Co-founders and Sr. Director of Marketing, he drives the brand’s product and marketing vision. 

He helps train and supports the various teams within Dealer Teamwork: account management, product, sales, search management, and strategic development.

He also serves as a technical advisor, working to improve user experiences within the platform continuously.

Eric enjoys leading by example and educating car dealers and sharing his real-world experiences to help continuously improve their performance. Eric has had the opportunity to consult with dealerships ranging from the largest groups in the nation to NAIDA Top 50 dealers.

He’s been an active member of the retail automotive community for over ten years and speaks at various automotive conferences and events.

  • National Automotive Dealership Association
  • Driving Sales Executive Summit
  • Internet Battle Plan
  • ReThink at Google 
  • Mosely Online Sales Success Workshop
  • Tewart Leadership Conference
  • RockStar Automotive Conference
  • Digital Dealer
  • Alberta Dealers Association
  • NADA 20-Groups
  • NCM 20-Groups

His dealership experience includes helping build Auction Direct USA into the #1 Independent Dealership in the USA for three years running; ADUSA was also the #1 fastest growing company in Rochester. He also helped launch Auto Outlets USA in 2015, another fast-growing independent dealership group, located in Rochester, NY.

Eric lives in Rochester, NY with his beautiful wife Susan, and has two incredibly talented sons, Parker & Cooper. In his spare time, you may find him speeding around a race track and enjoying every moment in the race car.