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Your certified Google Ads and Analytics account team give you the best search recommendations to earn more sales opportunities.

Dealer Teamwork - Google Premier Partner

What is a Google Premier Partner?

As a Google Premier Partner, Dealer Teamwork has a direct line to the automotive experts at Google so that we can serve the unique digital marketing needs of automotive dealers. Only a dozen companies are members of the prestigious premier partnership group that makes up the Google auto pod.

Dealers working with Dealer Teamwork get exclusive benefits:

  • Google Certified Account Management and Search Management
  • Fast access to Google support through Dealer Teamwork
  • Beta product participation opportunities
  • Access to private events and webinars from Google

Partner with Dealer Teamwork and raise the level of your marketing performance!

Google Premier Partner Specializations

Google Ads

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Dynamic and standard advertising formats
  • Previously called Google AdWords

Mobile Advertising

  • Mobile-first advertising strategies
  • SEM / PPC campaigns are tailored to the modern, mobile shopper

Display Advertising

  • Display ads run on the Google Display Network
  • Come in standard or responsive ad formats

Video Advertising

  • YouTube TrueView video ad format
  • Also know as pre-roll ads

Gmail Display Advertising

  • A special format of display ads served to Gmail users
  • Comes in an opened and closed format (like an email)

Remarketing Advertising

  • Remarketing ads served to previous visitors to your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Dealer Teamwork content is optimized to rank highly in organic search
  • All client-facing employees are Google certified and trained in SEO Industry best-practices

Google Premier Partner Certification

  • Highest level in Google Partner program
  • Dealer Teamwork is in Google’s specialized automotive pod

Accelerate with Google Success Story

Google featured Dealer Teamwork in a promotional video for their Brand Acceleration Program. Google sent a team to perform a case study on Dealer Teamwork due to our successful Google premier partnership and participation in their Accelerate with Google program.