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Automatically update your website with current offers

Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Pages on All Device Types

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Show customers more vehicle & service offers

When you create new, used and service offers in our patented MPOP® software, they automatically push to a relevant landing page on your website.  These dynamic landing pages provide a better shopping experience for car buyers and take the burden of updating your site with current offers off your shoulders.

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Reach more car shoppers with real-time offers

It just gets better and better!  The vehicle and service offers created in the MPOP® also get pushed to your digital advertising campaigns in real-time.  No extra work needed — your website automatically matches your advertising!

How do dynamic landing pages work?

Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Page Offer Matches the Google Ad
Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Page CTA Form with Vehicle Offers

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Convert more shoppers to buyers on your website

Better, more relevant ads = more in-market shoppers on your site = more in-market car shoppers converting to a lead = more in-market buyers in your store!

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Dynamic Landing Page Types & Integrations

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MPOP® New Vehicle Marketing Pages

  • All New Vehicle Specials Page
  • Make / Model / Trim-specific Landing Pages
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MPOP® Used Vehicle Marketing Pages

  • All Used Vehicle Specials Page
  • Body Style Landing Pages
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MPOP® Service Marketing Pages

  • All Service Specials Page
  • Service-specific Landing Pages
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Automatic Digital Campaign Connections

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Google Ads & Microsoft Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Posts
  • Email Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions – Dynamic Landing Pages

What are dynamic landing pages?

Dealer Teamwork’s vehicle and service landing pages are described as dynamic because they automatically populate your current vehicle and service offers.  These landing pages are used to showcase make, model, trim and service-specific offers and content. Landing pages are the best place on your website to direct traffic from your digital ad campaigns and organic search traffic.


  1. Landing pages help convert shoppers better
  2. Marketing messages are consistent
  3. They help build more trust
  4. They improve organic search results
  5. They improve the performance of paid search campaigns

Dynamic landing pages differ from vehicle search results pages (SRPs) and vehicle detail pages (VDPs).  These pages allow for a wider variety of car shopping information to be showcased to potential shoppers than is traditionally provided on an SRP or VDP.

For example, our dynamic landing pages showcase multiple offers on a model based on different trims, features and price.  Landing pages have more relevant pricing details about the new vehicle, used vehicle or service offers, such as finance offers, lease offers, exterior / interior features, test-drive / walk-around videos, details of the service, etc.

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How do dynamic landing pages work?

When you sign up with Dealer Teamwork, we install dynamic landing pages on your dealership website.  These landing pages are connected to our MPOP® platform. This allows for your MPOP® created offers to be automatically published and updated on your website as you create, update and remove them.

Offers are published to their respective landing pages via the MPOP® (i.e. a Ford F-150 offer is published to the Ford F-150 page, the truck body-style page, main specials page, etc.).  These landing pages are connected to your digital ad campaigns.

The MPOP® also updates the ad content which keeps the message consistent with the landing page at all times. This improves click-through rates, keeps ad costs down and drives more conversions.

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How will dynamic landing pages help my dealership?

Dealer Teamwork uses landing pages, rather than VDPs or the homepage, for a majority of our automotive digital advertising campaigns.  We do this because a well-crafted landing page shows more, quality content to car shoppers when they enter your site from an ad.

Better content that is more relevant to the consumer leads to better quality leads for your dealership.  Better quality leads mean more sales opportunities for your dealership.

Our dynamic landing pages are also optimized using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.  A VDP-driven approach provides little SEO value. It’s hard for VDPs to build long-term SEO value because of their short life-span.  Dealer Teamwork landing pages are built for maximum marketing performance. The page structure is permanent while the content and offers are dynamic. This approach provides long-term SEO value to your website.

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How many landing pages do I get?

Your dealership has the opportunity to get the following types of landing pages.

  • Leaderboard landing page: This is the main page that shows all of your current vehicle offers
  • Model-specific landing pages: You’ll get one (1) page per model that your dealership sells. You can publish as many vehicle offers as you’d like to these pages. We recommend at least one offer per model, plus one for each trim level available.
  • Body-style landing pages: Shoppers can view your offers by body-style. This helps improve campaign performance by targeting buyers at different stages of the buying process.
  • Used car leaderboard and body style pages: (Coming soon: used car model-specific landing pages!)
  • Service offer landing pages: A service leaderboard page and service-specific landing pages for the products and services available at your dealership.
  • Custom content landing pages: We can build landing pages that help promote your dealership’s competitive advantages such as special finance, rental cars, lifted trucks, delivery service and more. Share your ideas with your account manager.

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