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Helpful Marketing Resources for Dealers

Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends, channels and best practices for car dealers is a challenge.  That’s why you need a great partner!  Dealer Teamwork regularly compiles educational materials, research and trend analysis into checklists, guides and articles.  The best part, we focus on the automotive industry impacts, not general, sweeping recommendations.  Find automotive marketing resources here!

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2022 Automotive Success Playbook

Change doesn’t have to be so scary with the right partners and resources. Learn how to create successful dealer marketing and SEO strategies in 2022 with our playbook!

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Dealer Teamwork's Ultimate Guide to GMB

Maximize your ROI from Google My Business (GMB)! Learn all the best practices, newest tactics and cutting-edge local SEO strategies that Dealer Teamwork recommends for car dealers.

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Dealer Teamwork Video Library

Learn about industry trends, quick tips, new features, how to improve SEO, SEM and social media performance, and master the MPOP®.

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Automotive Pre-Appointment Checklist

Improve your dealership’s closing ratio and sell more vehicles by delivering a VIP customer experience for every shopper.

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2020 GMB Optimization Checklist

Drive more local shoppers to your dealership’s website and store location. Get the latest tactics and best practices to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

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Automotive SEO Blog Posts

Dealer Teamwork has published many blogs surrounding automotive SEO best practices, tips and education.  You can find them all here.

2020.02.18 How Local SEO and Google My Business Benefit Your Dealership


Google My Business Blog Posts

Managing your Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the most important and easiest marketing tasks for car dealerships.  Read all of our helpful articles surrounding best practices and how-to articles on the subject.

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Social Media Marketing Blog Posts

Advertising on social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, drives business outcomes at a cost-effective price.  Learn more about how car dealers can make the most of social media marketing in these articles.

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Automotive SEM Blog Posts

Automotive paid search marketing, also known as PPC or SEM, is a crucial tool in your marketing tool belt.  Find automotive industry-specific articles on the subject here.