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MPOP® Software

Our patented MPOP® (Merchandising, Personalization & Optimization Platform) software helps dealers automate manual marketing efforts with one convenient tool.  Dynamically update your website and key digital channels with highly-merchandised vehicle and service offers.

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MPOP® Analytics

Access to your most meaningful metrics, like sales, leads, ad conversions, website traffic and pacing information in our consolidated reporting platform.  Understand your marketing performance easier and make better decisions with this proprietary business intelligence tool.

Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Pages on Laptop and Mobile Phone

Dynamic Landing Pages

Drive more organic traffic and provide better shopping experiences with our dynamic landing pages.  Relevant offers, vehicle information and service information populates on these pages via the MPOP®.  Plus, they are part of your website, so all the organic value is attributed to your website.

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Dynamic Paid Search

We bring more shoppers to your website throughout the car buying / ownership journey with campaigns like dealer branded, OEM brand, geotargeted, new, used and service.  Plus our vehicle campaigns are dynamically updated with MPOP® offers making them more appealing to car buyers.

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Dynamic Social Media

Our dynamic Facebook and Instagram campaigns automatically populate pricing, lease payment and finance payment information from your MPOP® offers.

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Automotive SEO

Dealer Teamwork landing pages are optimized to rank highly in organic search.  The longer you use our pages, the more shoppers engage, and the more you continue updating them with merchandised offers, the more signals you send search engines showing page relevancy.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is a powerful tool for reaching and connecting with low-funnel car shoppers.  Be there in moments that matter with our well-rounded local SEO service.  In true Dealer Teamwork fashion, we automate manual listing management efforts, saving you time, so you can move on to other dealership efforts faster.

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Email Builder

Easily build HMTL email campaigns with this native feature of the MPOP®.  Quickly pull your new, used and service offers into a template, then copy and paste the code into your CRM to send!  Email follow up with leads providing offers they showed interest in is far better than a generic, non-customized email.