Jeff Camozzi

Jeff Camozzi - Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Camozzi-Dealer Teamwork

Jeff Camozzi lives and breathes technology. From his early ages tinkering with game programming to his professional years building products for Fortune 500 companies to implement the technology, architecture, and processes around a successful healthcare startup company.

Jeff has spent most of his 15 years in professional technology development honing practices, building teams, and refining his leadership approach. He thrives on challenge and believes there is no technical hurdle too difficult to take on.

Jeff attributes his drive for leadership and team building to his years in the Marine Corps Infantry. In his view, good leadership comes from building and coaching teams to take ownership. Having been a Marine Sergeant during Operation Iraqi Freedom, he knows what it takes to drive a team to mission accomplishment when it really matters.

As a technology leader, Jeff has learned to lead through influence at all levels of an organization and has built high-performing teams for startups and corporations to improve business outcomes through refined product delivery.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Jeff took his first huge leap by starting his own consulting company, Azend, Inc, which consists of a team of rockstar performers infused with the ethos and drive that creates an impact wherever they work. He believes top-talent requires more than just great code — it requires a mindset of continual improvement, and individuals that help bring up the level development skill for any client they work with. He wants a team that’s valuable, impactful, and helpful, but not indispensable.

When not driving technology teams, Jeff spends his time with his Wife (Liz), and two rambunctious children. (Ella and Eldon). He leads a life of less-traditional activities, such as swing dancing (Lindy Hop), Aerial Arts (a.k.a “Circus Training”), Rock Climbing, and more recently, American Ninja Warrior training. Jeff thrives on challenge and loves to push himself to the limit.

Jeff is excited to be a part of the Dealer Teamwork team and looks forward to applying his extensive experience towards their ongoing success.

Q&A with Jeff Camozzi

What do you do at Dealer Teamwork and how does your work impact our customers' competitive advantage?

I manage the technology organization responsible for maintaining the MPOP® and building new and exciting features for our customers. I also help our customers maintain their competitive advantage with the MPOP® by ensuring the platform runs smoothly.

What Dealer Teamwork product, feature, service, etc have you enjoyed working on the most and why?

I joined Dealer Teamwork in the early days with a focus on making the MPOP® an enterprise-level platform. It has been challenging, yet rewarding to see the MPOP® & development team grow into what they are today. Our work is designed to create an effective & stable digital advertising platform for dealers. I’m excited about our future plans for the MPOP and how those updates will make digital marketing even easier and faster for our customers. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Solving problems that help our customers succeed. There’s nothing better than getting a new feature delivered that gives customers an even stronger competitive advantage and hearing about their excitement as they start using it.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your position?

The biggest misconception people have about my position is that people think I’m solely technical and focus only on things “under-the-hood”. My job is more than that, though. It requires knowledge of the business (Dealer Teamwork), and how users interact with the product. My job also includes understanding the value of customer support and ensuring that our customers’ needs are being met quickly and efficiently. While I do have deep technical knowledge, everything my team and I do considers how dealership staff use our products and depend on them for their success.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work and what do you enjoy most about it?

My favorite hobby outside of work is spending time in rock climbing gyms. I enjoy the unique challenge that each gym presents.