Jaimee Putnam – Lead Generation Specialist

Jaimee Putnam-Dealer Teamwork

Jaimee joined the Dealer Teamwork family with a vast background of sales positions, marketing, and business.

Graduating from I.P.R. (The Institute of Production & Recording) with a Music Business/Marketing Degree has helped Jaimee apply his knowledge into helping Dealer Teamwork grow and himself grow within Dealer Teamwork.

While his studies mainly consisted of music-oriented background, Jaimee received well-versed knowledge on using social media and marketing to leverage your brand. He took the proper courses to understand ways to build and operate your own brand and business.

His goal is to continue learning about the automotive industry, and the marketing imprints that can help improve dealership performance in order to own their brand this same way.


Jaimee’s greatest feat is spending time with his daughter and watching her grow. He loves music, sports and traveling and has a passion for experiencing new breweries, and scenic adventures.