Kristin Edwards

Kristin Edwards - Account Executive

Kristin Edwards - Dealer Teamwork

I got my start in the car business in Texas as a salesperson for Land Rover Frisco. About a year later, I decided I wanted to move back home to Minnesota to be close to family and friends. I was referred to and hired at the Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis dealership where I continued with sales. After about a year I was being trained for finance and simultaneously did sales and finance for a few months until I moved into new car sales management.

In that position I managed new car sales and worked in finance as backup. After three years at the Minneapolis dealership I made the difficult decision to finish my degree that I started in Texas. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Minnesota in May of 2019. I’m excited to bring my automotive experience to the digital marketing world at Dealer Teamwork.