Anissa Collins-Gordon

Anissa Collins-Gordon - VP of Sales & Marketing

Anissa brings over 25+ years of sales and leadership experience, with most of those years within the automotive marketing and automotive technology ecosystem. She’s been instrumental in the driving growth at prominent companies such as Who’s Calling, VinSolutions, Cox Automotive, AutoAlert, and most recently at 3 Birds Marketing as Vice President of Sales and a member of the senior executive management team.

Sean Stapleton - CEO & Co-founder, Dealer Teamwork

Automotive Thought Leader

Sean Stapleton is the CEO and Co-founder of Dealer Teamwork, an award-winning company that creates a significant competitive advantage for dealers with their impressive lineup of first-class solutions. Sean’s storied experience in the automotive industry (IMS, Who’s Calling, VinSolutions) coupled with his extraordinary leadership skills and successful track record, making him a revered consultant and an esteemed mentor to many.

He is widely regarded as an extraordinary sales leader and is also admired for his fresh insights and brilliant contributions to several top automotive trade magazines. Sean is a popular speaker at numerous automotive events and a highly respected member of the automotive community.

Sean is also a family man and long-time Minnesota resident! He was born in New York but grew up and went to school in Minnesota’s Twin Cities metro. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and three children.

Revolutionizing The Way Dealers Do Digital Marketing

Dealer Teamwork was founded around our core product, the MPOP™, which is a Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform. This tool is a simple software solution to syndicate marketing content cross-channel in real-time. It puts dealers in control of their success by empowering them to manage their marketing message in the platform and adjust it at any time with one update.

Sean helped found Dealer Teamwork in Eden Prairie, MN in October of 2016 because he saw something truly game-changing for the automotive industry. The digital shopping experience is rapidly changing, and the industry needs to adapt quickly to the modern shopper’s behavior. The MPOP™ is helping close the gap with each new dealer, OEM, and industry partner that joins our team!