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4 Reasons why dealers love our landing pages

  1. They rank better in the search engines
  2. They update vehicle & service offers instantly
  3. They drive more phones calls and leads
  4. They’re easy to build for any custom content


Dealer Teamwork automotive SEO features

  • Proven search performance
  • Custom content landing pages
  • Google certified account managers
  • Dynamic vehicle & service offers pricing
  • Patented marketing automation technology 
  • Transparent Google Analytics ROI reporting

Learn how Dealer Teamwork SEO works!

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Automotive SEO that drives results!

Dealer Teamwork’s automotive SEO services are included within the MPOP®. Now dealers have an all-in-one organic search engine optimization solution bundled with a full-service, automotive digital marketing platform. 

Dealers need to build and update content regularly, but that’s hard to do. Hiring an SEO agency is expensive. Getting real results is difficult. Many solutions simply make content for the sake of making content. Dealer Teamwork landing pages are different than traditional automotive SEO solutions, and they contribute to your sales opportunities. 

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Automotive SEO Benefits

Landing Page Optimization-01

Better Page Performance

  • Fast load times
  • Built for multiple devices
  • Accessible by search engines
  • Proper on-page optimization
Keyword Targeting

Increase Search Presence

  • More local search results
  • Drive higher quality clicks
  • Content meets buyer intent
  • Dynamic, fresh & unique content
SEO Performance

Real-time Campaign Updates

  • Zero dark-to-market time
  • Control offers in real-time
  • Manage model & trim content
  • Publish helpful content instantly
Audience Targeting

Drive More Leads & Calls

  • Accurate, current offers
  • Reach more new customers
  • Retain more existing customers
  • Transparent ROI tracking

Automotive SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need SEO for my website?

Absolutely! As long as there are search engines, there will always be a need to optimize your website content. Search engines have a simple job: they need to find your content and rank it within the results. Your existing pages should have been set up with basic SEO elements when it was built. There is minimal effort needed to manage the default pages in your website.

Dealer Teamwork takes the guesswork out of managing automotive SEO. Your new landing pages are created to drive high-quality traffic from car shoppers searching for specific information. We manage the ongoing optimization needed to rank these pages in your local market. And the best part, it’s included with the MPOP® to make it easier and more cost-effective.

I already have an SEO agency, do I need two companies?

The key questions to ask yourself and your current automotive SEO agency:

  1. What is my current agency doing for my dealership?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How are you defining success?

Once you know these answers then you can make a better decision about working with your other agency. With Dealer Teamwork, you’ll know precisely what we’re doing and how many pages we build for your website. Our automotive SEO is included with the MPOP® and isn’t an additional cost. We define success by tracking items such as organic traffic lift, quality of traffic engagement & conversions, and search engine presence. We’ll also give you a website marketing audit to show you opportunities for SEO improvement.

How much does your automotive SEO cost?

Dealer Teamwork includes a full suite of automotive SEO bundled within the cost of the MPOP®. What’s included?

  • Mobile-friendly vehicle and service landing pages
  • High-quality, specific content for new vehicles, used vehicles and service
  • Dynamic content and price updates – in real-time
  • Best-in-class technical SEO and on-page optimization
  • Certified, expert search manager support

We built our marketing platform to make it easier for car dealers to get better organic results. This is done without the hassle of complicated, costly stand-alone automotive SEO solutions.

Dealer Teamwork also has a standalone Local SEO service where we can optimize and manage dealerships’ Google My Business (GMB) profiles and local citations.

For pricing, current clients should reach out to their account manager. New clients can contact our sales team.

Why does Dealer Teamwork SEO work so much better than agencies?

Great question! We took a look at how automotive SEO was done. Unfortunately, old-school tactics are used. The activities and efforts are not efficient. They aren’t included in a strategy that includes dynamic content and multiple marketing channels.

Dealer Teamwork landing pages work so well because we focus on the right items that create real automotive SEO results. We understand the importance of new-school technical SEO. Our pages are built around a specific topic: Vehicle & service offers. The more specific the pages, the better the placement in the search results pages (SERPS). This is what helps improve your organic click-through rate.

We make helpful content around your current offers so the search engines can find it, rank it and show it to people. It’s easy to earn valuable search engine rankings when your content matches specific search terms. Most website pages are too general and search engines can’t understand the topic, or purpose, of the page.

Consistently addressing these problems and baking it into the MPOP® marketing processes is how our pages help dealerships improve their marketing results.

Does it help with local SEO?

Yes, Dealer Teamwork’s landing pages are a valuable addition to your local automotive SEO efforts and search traffic.

Our vehicle and service landing pages are optimized for your primary market. We also pay close attention to OEM-specific brand geo-location advertising guidelines.

Careful attention is paid to the on-page elements that help your dealership stand out in local vehicle and service search engine results. The better your pages rank in local search, the more opportunities your dealership will have to attract new and existing customers. We focus on maximizing local SEO value via quality landing page experiences.

Dealer Teamwork also has a Local SEO service where we can manage and optimize dealerships’ Google My Business (GMB) profiles and local citations. GMB optimization includes the proper set-up of tracking tags for your GMB calls to actions (CTAs).

Your SEO efforts will be tagged in your Google Analytics for better reporting and you’ll be able to track more business outcomes generated from SEO efforts (i.e. GMB phone calls, website visits, direction requests). Other automotive digital marketing vendors either don’t do this or they don’t set up tracking correctly. Visit our Local SEO page to learn more about our local SEO services.

Can I hire you to manage all of my website SEO?

Dealer Teamwork doesn’t provide a standalone automotive SEO solution for an entire website. Our search engine optimization activities are included within the MPOP®.

We are happy to give you a detailed website marketing audit that may include recommendations for improvement. The most common missing or incorrect SEO items can be updated by your website provider.

  • Unique page titles
  • Irrelevant meta descriptions
  • Vague section titles
  • Old, static website copy
  • Missing image alt tags
  • Missing, too many or poorly used deep links
  • Unorganized or too many low priority navigation links
  • Slow page load times
  • Missing/incorrect schema markup
  • Missing 301 redirects/404 errors
  • Not using https
  • Poor mobile experiences
Which SEO tools do you use?

Great question. Dealer Teamwork uses several well-known data, search and SEO tools. These platforms help our teams stay up-to-date with current search engine updates best practice tactics. They also help shape the direction of our search strategies and help dealers stand out against the competition.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google keyword planner
  • Google trends
  • SEMrush
  • Spyfu
  • Screaming Frog
What is your SEO process?

It helps to understand the SEO process by knowing how we originally approached an old-school marketing environment. Our efforts were built from our desire to integrate automotive SEO into a larger process. Search marketing efforts were so focused on building content that ranked for specific keywords. While that goal may have been reached, it didn’t help dealers sell more vehicles or create more service business. We wanted to help dealers attract new in-market car shoppers, retain more existing customers and grow service business.

Times changed and marketing efforts shifted towards creating helpful, relevant content that matched the intent of the car buyer. This is how Dealer Teamwork flipped the script and introduced a new-school automotive SEO strategy to the industry.

Our solution was a marketing automation platform that made it easy to create relevant content, payments & offers in real-time. Then we made it easy to distribute this content to search engines, paid search campaigns, email campaigns and social media campaigns. That’s how the MPOP® was created.

Why was this important? Because shoppers have many touchpoints leading up to the purchase of a vehicle. Consistent delivery of accurate offers to multiple marketing channels increases the opportunity to convince and convert shoppers. The MPOP® helps dealers make marketing campaigns that help move shoppers to the next stage of the buying process.

Once this concept was established, then we looked at the tactics required to create successful automotive SEO campaigns. We optimized our pages from top to bottom. Technical SEO is spot-on. A number of ranking factors must be accounted for and managed efficiently. Car dealers can’t do this easily and other agencies miss the mark when solving these problems.

Dealer Teamwork wins because we pay attention to the details that drive success. Tactics and strategies are continuously updated and we test new strategies. The activity is deeply rooted in dealer education and support.

Want to see the process in action? Request a Dealer Teamwork product overview.

Does Dealer Teamwork outsource their SEO?

Absolutely not!

All of Dealer Teamwork’s search marketing activities are managed by our employees. We have many of the most creative and talented automotive SEO professionals with a proven history of success in the retail automotive and software industries.

How do you decide which keywords and topics to choose?

Great question!

Remember, our automotive SEO philosophy is to focus on building relevant content around specific topics. These topics will match the intent of shoppers further down the buying journey. We want to drive quality traffic looking for vehicle make+model price inquiries. These are considered high-intent or transactional-intent searches. These can include searches such as Ford lease deals, Toyota Prius price, or Chevy Silverado for sale.

Once we know the purpose of the page, then we can build relevance using related terms to model the topic of the page. Our automotive content is also designed to help shoppers consume it easily. Our recipe for content formatting is simple.

  1. It’s easy to read: titles, lists, bullets
  2. It’s formatted for easier reading on mobile devices.
  3. It has a specific purpose
  4. It’s helpful: FAQ’s, social proof, reviews
  5. It has a primary & secondary CTA
  6. It answers a key question
  7. It links to relevant pages as needed
  8. It’s better than the competition

We also consider different semantic phrases to help improve the page content. Experimentation and keyword research is also a big part of our approach. This helps us continuously learn and expand our capabilities with various page content and page styles to drive better results.