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Hundreds of dealerships choose to partner with DealerKnows because of its holistic approach to ensuring marketing spend yields predictable results. Born inside of dealerships twenty years ago, the team at DealerKnows has served thousands of Internet personnel across hundreds of cities and towns throughout North America. These personnel, represent nearly 40 distinct markets, using over 25 CRMs, along with nearly every make and model available on the continent.

All of this experience is backed up with the unparalleled use of data collection, research, and analysis to ensure that dealerships remain on a positive trajectory, while also evolving with the continuous growth of the retail automotive ecosystem.

DealerKnows offers a variety of different solutions to its dealer partners. From turnkey templates and processes, to sales integration and consulting, to mystery shopping, DealerKnows seeks to make the most out of every Internet opportunity. Many dealerships have chosen a long-term behavior modification approach that DealerKnows offers, opting for live weekly training, along with the use of DealerKnows technology to monitor, measure, and track effective lead follow-up over time. This ensures that Internet opportunities receive fast, directed, and personalized attention in a consistent manner.

It’s these solutions and philosophies that make DealerKnows the natural complement to the digital solutions that Dealer Teamwork offers.