MPOP® Cruise Control Pro

Accurate offers. Worry-free.

MPOP Cruise Control Pro

Compliant, dynamic vehicle offers.

Car dealers save days worth of work merchandising vehicles with the MPOP®. 

Cruise Control Pro takes speed-to-market to levels never seen before. Dealers never have to worry about incentives, offers, and specials not showing on their website. 

MPOP® powered marketing automation is more efficient and helps keep your costs down.

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How does Cruise Control Pro work?

Your inventory feed connects with real-time, geo-targeted Market Scan pricing data. Then, current offers are matched to your store, your lenders, and your region*.

Dealer Teamwork helps define your rooftop settings, special criteria, and your go-to-market strategy. Then, Cruise Control Pro goes to work for you automatically.

Cruise Control Pro publishes at least one offer for each make and model in your line up and publishes your offers with items such as

  • Rebate pricing break down
  • Total calculated savings
  • Lease & zero down offers
  • Finance & APR offers
  • Sale price
  • MSRP
  • Disclaimers

*In some cases the dealer may be responsible for providing Market Scan access to regional and non-regional incentive data.

Dealer Teamwork - Cruise Control Pro

MPOP® Integrations

Google Ads

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Dynamic and standard advertising formats
  • Previously called Google AdWords

Mobile Advertising

  • Mobile-first advertising strategies
  • SEM / PPC campaigns are tailored to the modern, mobile shopper

Display Advertising

  • Display ads run on the Google Display Network
  • Come in standard or responsive ad formats

Video Advertising

  • YouTube TrueView video ad format
  • Also know as pre-roll ads

Gmail Display Advertising

  • A special format of display ads served to Gmail users
  • Comes in an opened and closed format (like an email)

Remarketing Advertising

  • Remarketing ads served to previous visitors to your website
  • Convert returning visitors with targeted messaging

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Dealer Teamwork content is optimized to rank highly in organic search
  • All client-facing employees are Google certified and trained in SEO Industry best-practices

Google Premier Partner Certification

  • Highest level in Google Partner program
  • Dealer Teamwork is in Google’s specialized automotive pod

Want to see it in action?

A Merchandising, Personalization, and Optimization Platform

Marketing for your dealership has never been easier. First, connect your digital marketing channels and inventory feeds to the MPOP®. Second, merchandise your vehicles in the MPOP®. Then, the MPOP® does the rest.

It’s that simple. Your content is sent to your marketing channels in real-time, all in one platform!