Automotive Paid Search Marketing

Automatically show offers in your automotive paid search ads!

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Build better digital ad campaigns easier and faster

With dynamic ads, you automatically feature important shopping details like finance and lease payments in your ads. More relevant shopping details in your automotive paid search ads give shoppers more reasons to engage with your campaigns.

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Show current vehicle offers with less manual work

Because it’s Dealer Teamwork, your automotive PPC campaigns are connected to our patented MPOP® platform.  This means your offers automatically match the offers on the model-specific dynamic landing page with less manual effort, giving shoppers a better experience.

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MPOP New Vehicle Marketing Landing Pages & Ads
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Attract & convert more car shoppers with smarter digital ads

Dealer Teamwork’s automotive paid search, display, and YouTube campaigns use the latest search engine automated bidding solutions. This means your ads not only look better to shoppers, they also drive leads more efficiently with automation features such as Smart Bidding.

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Dynamic Paid Search Options & Integrations

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MPOP® Ads & Landing Pages

  • New Vehicle Marketing
  • Used Vehicle Marketing
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Google Ads

  • New vehicle make / model campaigns*
  • Used vehicle campaigns*
  • Service campaigns
  • Display ads
  • Gmail display ads
  • YouTube ads
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Microsoft (Bing) Advertising 

  • New vehicle make / model campaigns*
  • Used vehicle campaigns*
  • Service campaigns
  • Microsoft Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA)
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MPOP® Analytics

  • Channel/campaign reporting dashboards
  • Monthly roll-up reports

*Campaigns where offers automatically push to ads.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dynamic Paid Search

What is dynamic paid search / search engine marketing (SEM)?

Dynamic paid search marketing are search engine marketing ads with ad copy that updates automatically (currently offered with Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising text ads).  With Dealer Teamwork, the dynamic content is the transactional data for your new and used vehicles.  Ad content eligible to dynamically update in your advertising includes:

  • Year / make / model / trim
  • Lease payments
  • Lease term
  • Zero down term
  • Lease down
  • Finance payments
  • Finance term
  • Lease down
  • Savings amount
  • Buy price
  • APR
  • Finance APR
  • MSRP

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How does Dealer Teamwork’s dynamic paid search work?

Dealer Teamwork’s dynamic automotive paid search marketing campaigns are powered by offers being created in the MPOP®. When you publish a new or used offer in the platform, they are pushed to your linked digital channels (i.e. your Dealer Teamwork landing pages, PPC/SEM campaigns, social campaigns and are available to push to email campaigns).*

Because everything is connected, that means your message is automatically consistent across your digital marketing channels. This is especially important for new and used PPC campaigns, because it ensures the shopping experience is consistent throughout. For example, if you feature an offer in your ad, and it’s not on the webpage you send them to, that would provide a very negative shopping experience. This leaves the shopper frustrated and can even turn them away from your dealership.

*New vehicle offers that are marked as featured offers push to ad campaigns.  There are a variety of used vehicle PPC campaign options, each representing different strategies.  The type you choose pulls in vehicle details and offers in different ways (i.e. inventory driven, offers driven, etc.).  Your account management team will help you choose the best type of ads to achieve your goals.

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How will dynamic paid search campaigns help my dealership?

Dynamic SEM campaigns help car dealers in more ways than one:

  • They save you time managing your SEM campaigns because by creating offers, you also automatically update your campaigns. No more manually updating your current offers on each digital channel by hand.
  • They provide a better car shopping experience. Dealer Teamwork segments our campaigns to meet the needs of shoppers throughout the entire car research, buying and ownership journey. More segmentation in your ads means more relevant ads to buyers. Lastly, having a consistent shopping experience from an ad to a landing page means you keep the shopper’s trust, giving them more reasons to choose you over the competition.
  • They drive higher-quality leads. We recommend focusing the majority of your budget on mid and low-funnel shoppers because these shoppers are closer to the purchase decision for vehicle and service selection. Let the OEMs and Tier 2 focus on what they do best, generating interest in the brand and other higher-funnel searches (work with them, don’t compete with them). Plus, with ads that better answer search intent (what they searched for on Google or Bing), you are more likely to attract a higher-quality audience. Higher-quality audience + better online shopping experience drives higher-quality leads—it’s a no brainer!

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