Auto Outlets USA Case Study

How Putting Two Vendors Head-to-Head Produced Significant Results

Paid Search and Display Campaigns – A/B Test

Dealer Teamwork - Auto Outlets USA Case Study

Significant Marketing Results Achieved Almost Instantly

Auto Outlets USA ran an A/B Test of paid search and display campaigns that put Dealer Teamwork head-to-head with another SEM vendor. Each vendor had a $4,000 SEM budget to spend during the A/B Test. The following results were achieved.

303 Store Visits from Mobile Ads in One Month.

1.6 Average Position on Mobile Devices.

95% Better Clickthrough Rate (CTR) vs. Benchmarks.


Dealer Teamwork helped Motorwerks BMW improve the performance of their paid search by targeting and segmenting their campaigns to reach the modern car shopper at each stage of the buying process.

The modern customer lives on their cellular device, so optimizing for high visibility on mobile devices was critical to the success of this new strategy. This strategy lead to record-breaking clickthrough rate engagement on their mobile campaigns drove over 300 store visits in one month alone.

“The layout and design of the MPOP™ is simple and easy to use! Dealer Teamwork’s crew is always happy to help if there is an issue. They are always looking to improve the MPOP™. This is a great product to market our inventory fast, it has helped us get more leads than ever before and it has helped us have our best sales month ever too!” -Danielle Heyden, Webmaster, Auto Outlets USA