BMW of Cincinnati North Case Study

Maximizing Cost-per-Conversion

Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP™ platform provides fast and easy-to-use SEM updates by connecting keywords to targeted landing pages.

Dealer Teamwork - BMW Cincinnati Case Study

$4.88 Cost-Per-Conversion

56% Conversion Rate

81% Impression Share


  • Transactional data drove more low-funnel customers to BMW of Cincinnati North’s landing pages
  • Focus on low-funnel avenues like phone calls and form submissions
  • Effective use of landing pages powered strong conversion rate
We love how the MPOP™ has made it so easy to create an offer and push the info to our website’s pages and to our paid search campaigns! The email marketing tool is also very easy to use. I have yet to see any technology that can do what Dealer Teamwork has created. Now our paid search campaigns include the national offers and pricing instantly!” – Sarah Sweeney – General Manager, BMW of Cincinnati North