Mel Hambelton Ford Case Study

Better Performance and Lower Cost

The MPOP® platform combines Paid Search to increase quality Paid and Organic traffic with consistent, relevant messages to in-market buyers.

13.6% Increase in number of phone calls

7.4% Reduction in cost-per-click

10% Improvement in average position to 1.3

Dealer Teamwork - Mel Hambelton Ford Case Study

More Results

  • 12% lift in sales due to improved response times.
  • All-time high in record profits with the help of the MPOP®
  • Improved budget results with a significant reduction in cost-per-click.
Nothing compares to the MPOP® and the partnership we have with Dealer Teamwork! They work with me weekly to review my strategy, offers, and search. They are a trusted partner and really put the team in teamwork. My sales have increased, profits have improved and I feel I have a better grasp of my overall strategy. Thank you Dealer Teamwork!” – Phil Nightingale – General Manager, Mel Hambelton Ford