Minnesota BMW Dealer Case Study

Google Premier Partner Finalist: Mobile Innovation

Refining a top BMW dealership’s mobile paid search strategy leads to ground-breaking performance and tangible ROI with store visit conversions.

303 Store Visits from Mobile Ads in One Month.

1.6 Average Position on Mobile Devices.

95% Better Clickthrough Rate (CTR) vs. Benchmarks.

BMW vehicle and Dealer Teamwork's 2018 Google Premier Partner Awards Finalist Badge

Dealer Teamwork helped this MN BMW dealer improve their mobile approach by eliminating non-specific ad copy and lack of relevant search criteria from their paid search campaign strategy. Through the use of Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP® technology, the dealer increased its effectiveness and speed-to-market. This is because the MPOP® empowers them with the ability to syndicate marketing messaging, tailored to the modern mobile customer, to their primary online marketing channels with a single update.

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Dealer Teamwork helped this MN BMW dealer improve the performance of their paid search by targeting and segmenting their campaigns to reach the modern car shopper at each stage of the buying process.

The modern customer lives on their cellular device, so optimizing for high visibility on mobile devices was critical to the success of this new strategy. This strategy lead to record-breaking clickthrough rate engagement on their mobile campaigns drove over 300 store visits in one month alone.

“Dealer Teamwork’s approach and customer service is like nothing I’ve seen before. They helped us refine our digital strategy by targeting for more specific search criteria and by empowering us with dynamic, model-specific ad campaigns and landing pages. I know it’s working because we are consistently in position 1 or 2, rather than position 3 or 4, which is especially important for mobile.” – General Manager, Minnesota BMW Dealer