New Jersey BMW Case Study

New Jersey BMW dealer finds success through strong partnership & emphasis on achieving goals.

169% Increase in Calls from Ads*

576 Store Visits from Google Ads**

816% Increase in New Website Visitors*


59% Decrease in Cost per Lead*

NJ BMW Blurred

More Results

  • More website traffic: 816% increase in website visitors
  • Lower cost per lead: 59% decrease
  • More actionable sales opportunities: 169% increase in phone
    calls and almost 600 store visits attributed to ads in one month

“No more waiting days or weeks for answers – the support from Dealer Teamwork is incredible! Our weekly meetings and regular touch points keep everyone on track to meet our store’s goals from both perspectives.” – General Manager

*Comparing January 2019 vs 6/1/18 – 7/1/18 (first full month with Dealer Teamwork).
**January 2019 cumulative.