Ricart Ford Case Study

High Visibility & Engagement with Gmail Display Ads

Classically, display advertising has been viewed as an awareness tactic, but Ricart Ford has achieved engagement metrics that may show Gmail display as a huge lead generation opportunity of the future.

Gmail Display Cost-per-click Icon

$3.94 Cost Per Gmail Click to Website*

25% Clickthrough Rate Gmail Display Ads*

1744 Impressions from Gmail Display Ads*

Ricart Ford Gmail Display Ad Example

More Results

  • Users engaged at an over 2000% higher rate than overall display advertising standards**
  • Reached almost 2000 in-market car shoppers for less than $100
  • Yielded 16% cost savings over their standard search advertising cost-per-click*
“We tried out Gmail display campaigns because we were excited to try something new and to see if it could provide any sort of ROI. After about a week of running the ads, Dealer Teamwork checked in with us, and I was completely blown away with the results. I have never seen performance like this in any campaign!” – Rick Ricart, VP/Director of Sales & Marketing, Ricart Automotive Group

*May 2018 Gmail Display & Google Ads campaign results

**Google’s North American Benchmark data for April 2017 (most recently reported benchmark) & Google’s Auto Vertical Insights Q1 2018