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This Stellantis Dealer needed a competitive SEO strategy to maximize their search profitability & gain stronger domain authority within the marketplace.

Their primary objectives were to drive an increase in brand awareness to a new dealer point through building both their local & regional organic presence, improve their  rankings and establish their domain authority against other competitors within their marketplace.


In order to drive more brand awareness and generate an increase in organic traffic to their digital storefront, we utilized a unique SEO approach custom to this Stellantis dealer’s current landscape. We conducted a data-driven analysis of their entire organic strategy, and in turn, closed the gap between their landing pages & the other competitors within their marketplace.

Through utilizing Dealer Teamworks customized SEO approach, this dealer was able to drive more market share to a new dealer point through optimizing and creating site content for relevant search queries to improve ranking, traffic performance and conversion potential.

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Through utilizing proven technology to both generate & analyze data-based results, we help our dealers achieve better results faster than their competitors.

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Organic Visibility Growth

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Visibility Improvement vs. Competitors

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