Cruise Control

Merchandise your entire inventory without lifting a finger!


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Save time & ease your mind

Cruise Control is an MPOP® feature that automates vehicle merchandising for new, used and CPO vehicles—your entire inventory! Offers and compliant disclaimers generate based on settings you choose and regional offers* set by your OEM.

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Automation that doesn’t sacrifice quality

Cruise Control updates your offers as your inventory feed and OEM offers change. Plus, you can turn on automated lease calculation with the flip of a switch!

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Automated multi-channel publication

After Cruise Control creates the offers and works to keep them updated, the MPOP® continuously publishes your latest offers across your connected digital channels. No more worrying about a mid-month offer change derailing your work week!

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Cruise Control Integrations

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MPOP® New Vehicle Marketing

  • Automated new vehicle merchandising tools & offer generation
  • Real-time syndication to digital ad campaigns & landing pages
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MPOP® Used Vehicle Marketing

  • Automated used vehicle merchandising tools & offer generation
  • Real-time syndication to digital ad campaigns & landing pages
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Dynamic Paid Search Marketing

  • Offers automatically push to Google Ads campaigns
  • Offers automatically push to Microsoft Advertising campaigns
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Dynamic Social Media Marketing

  • Offers automatically push to Facebook & Instagram campaigns
  • Offers automatically push to Facebook Marketplace
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Email Marketing

  • All offers are available for building email campaigns with our MPOP® Email Campaign Builder

Frequently Asked Questions – Cruise Control

What is Cruise Control?

Cruise Control is a feature in Dealer Teamwork’s patented MPOP® software. When enabled and settings are filled in, it will automatically create and update offers on your new, used and CPO inventory.

There’s no set-it-and-forget it solution to marketing, but Cruise Control helps you automate more of the time consuming tasks that often fall through the cracks when doing things by hand. We’d instead call it a “set it so you don’t forget it” tool that takes work off your plate so you can focus on more of what matters, like strategy and how to meet goals.

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How much customization do I get with Cruise Control automation?

Cruise Control is an automation feature, but it has settings that you choose upon set up, so it can work for your dealership’s needs. Settings you can choose include:

  • If you want MPOP® Ads/Offers to be generated as “active” or “inactive”. If you want more automation and are not concerned about reviewing offers before publishing, we recommend choosing “Generate as Active Ads”, and the reverse if you prefer more control.
  • Automated offer generation for new, used and CPO (if mapped in your inventory feed): you choose what inventory gets automatically merchandised.
  • How many to make, i.e., one per model, trim, vehicle (used only).
  • Vehicle selection criteria, i.e., lowest sale price, largest savings amount, oldest in inventory, etc.
  • Pricing Options, i.e., finance payment, APR, sale price, savings, lease (with Vehicle Ads), rebates & incentives (with Vehicle Ads).
  • Custom rules

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How do I get set up with Cruise Control?

If you have the MPOP®, you are eligible to use Cruise Control! Some dealers like complete control over their vehicle merchandising, but most find the benefits of automated vehicle merchandising much more beneficial.

Many accounts have Cruise Control automatically set up upon enrollment. However, if you were with Dealer Teamwork before this feature was available, your account manager can walk you through the process on your next call! They’ll walk you through the quick set up process and then Cruise Control will go to work for you!

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Can I edit an MPOP® Ad/Offer after Cruise Control makes it?

Yes! If you like to review every MPOP® offer before they go live on your landing pages and across your campaigns, you can set the offers to generate as “inactive”. This enables you to review and modify anything before publishing.

Regardless of offers generating as “inactive” or “active”, you can always edit them if you decide you want to customize them further.

The only exception is when the vehicle ads feature is enabled. Because of the nature of vehicle ads, some offer fields are locked from editing so you don’t unintentionally break calculations used for automated payment, sale price or APR calculation. However, you can always convert the offer into the “basic ad” type if you want or need to modify fields that are locked.

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Does Cruise Control automate lease calculations?

Yes, it all depends on the settings you choose! Lease calculation comes into play when you have “vehicle ads” activated. Let’s learn more about the different MPOP® ad types first.

MPOP® Ads, also known as MPOP® offers, are the cards that you build either manually or through automation in the MPOP®. They contain your merchandised offers on vehicles and service coupons, vehicle details, CTAs and disclosure information:

Dealer Teamwork MPOP Offer Card

The vehicle merchandising information, like payments, savings, etc. are syndicated to your ad campaigns connected to the MPOP®.

In general, they are called MPOP® Ads or offers, but there are different MPOP® Ad types for different purposes.

Basic Ads allow for complete customization, but in order to get a fully merchandised vehicle with lease information, you have to manually enter and calculate information.

Vehicle Ads allow for less customization, but they can be fully merchandised through automation, including lease calculations.

You can have a mix of vehicle ads and basic ads live at any time, but if you are looking for the most automation possible, using Cruise Control + Vehicle Ads + filling out the rate table with your account manager is the way to go! Once set up, you can focus more on campaign analysis and strategy with your account manager each month, because vehicle merchandising is automated for you!

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*Regional offers only apply to new vehicles