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Automatically include current vehicle offers in social ads

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Run better social media ads with less manual effort

In true MPOP® fashion, our Facebook and Instagram Advertising product enables dealers to automatically include new and used vehicle offers in their ads with minimal manual lifting.  When enrolled in this service, MPOP® created offers are automatically pushed to your Facebook ads and Instagram ads plus they are automatically tied to the corresponding landing page.

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Reach car shoppers at every stage of the buying journey

Tapping into Facebook and Instagram’s unique audience networks further extends your dealership’s advertising reach.  Plus, advertising on social media helps you influence shoppers at more stages of the vehicle researching, shopping and ultimately buying journey.

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Make it easier for shoppers to convert the way they want to

Facebook and Instagram advertisements make it easier for a shopper to reach you.  With self-populating lead forms, easy instant messaging features and click-to-call calls to action, there are fewer barriers for conversion.  Plus, giving shoppers control of how they interact with your dealership helps build immediate trust and smooths the path to the sale.

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Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Integrations

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MPOP® New Vehicle Marketing

  • New vehicle offers automatically populate in your Facebook product catalog (which populates your ads)
  • Offers in ads automatically update to match corresponding landing pages
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MPOP® Used Vehicle Marketing

  • Used vehicle offers automatically populate in your Facebook product catalog (which populates your ads)
  • Offers in ads automatically update to match corresponding landing pages
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Dynamic Social Media Marketing

  • Vin-specific remarketing advertising (targets past website visitors)
  • Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) & On-Facebook Destination for AIA (target in-market lookalike audiences similar to your website visitors)
  • Facebook pixel installation on website
  • Product/vehicle catalog set-up

Frequently Asked Questions – Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

What is Facebook & Instagram Advertising?

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you have probably come across advertisements on these social media channels.  They show up among posts in your News Feed, on the side of the screen, mingled among Marketplace listings, in Stories, in Messenger, etc.  They often look like regular posts. The best way to tell which items are ads and which are not is to check for the “Sponsored” designation near the top of the post or ad.

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Are Facebook & Instagram Advertisements a good investment for my dealership?

Yes!  Advertising on Facebook and Instagram helps automotive dealers influence shoppers higher up in the car buying funnel and helps shoppers progress towards the purchase with your dealership.  Facebook provides some impressive insights to prove their claims:

  • “77% of surveyed auto customers say posts on social media would make them consider buying or leasing a new model.” – Facebook Study
  • “41% of 18-34-year old auto consumers surveyed say that Facebook platforms help them find out about new vehicle model launches.” – Facebook Study

Running Facebook Advertising also positively impacts your digital efforts on other channels, such as search engine marketing (SEM) and organic search efforts (SEO).  Facebook found that “Facebook ads were responsible for 19% more organic search-referred site visits and 10% more for paid search-referred visits vs. when people didn’t see Facebook ads.”

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What is a product/vehicle catalog and do I need one?

Facebook defines a catalog as “a container that holds information about your inventory, like images, prices, descriptions and more. You can create catalogs for products (e-commerce), hotels, flights, destinations, home listings or vehicles.”

If you want to feature vehicles in your Facebook ads and Instagram ads without manually entering information, you need a product catalog.  Good news for Dealer Teamwork customers who utilize our Social Media Marketing Suite, we set up the catalog for you and the MPOP® automates populating your current offers into the catalog.

So the only work you need to do is what you already do on a regular basis.  Create offers on your current new and used inventory in the MPOP®, and your catalog automatically stays current!

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What’s a Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook Pixel is a unique piece of code that is installed on your dealership’s website.  It helps Facebook collect information on visitors and the actions they take on your website.  Facebook then uses this information to target those people or similar people with your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Dealer Teamwork installs or confirms your dealership’s Facebook pixel is properly installed on your website before running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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Does Dealer Teamwork use Facebook's offline conversions for sales matchback reporting?

Yes, we highly encourage our dealers to work with us to set up Facebook offline events so we can track the influence of your Facebook ads on your dealership’s sales. There is some manual effort and a set-up period involved, but it’s worth the work. Once set up, this tool gives you an aggregate number of shoppers who made a purchase after viewing one of your ads. Facebook attributes sales up to 28 days after someone viewed an ad, so it’s important to upload your CRM data frequently (on a monthly basis at minimum).

What are Dealer Teamwork’s Facebook & Instagram Advertising options?

Dealer Teamwork primarily focuses on two strategies for your Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

One strategy is to re-engage your previous website visitors with Facebook and Instagram remarketing advertisements.  With the Facebook pixel installed on your website, we can target past website visitors with VIN-specific advertisements based on vehicle offers they previously viewed on your site.  This helps remind shoppers of your dealership and vehicles they were interested in if they leave your site without engaging with your dealership.

The other main strategy we use is to attract and influence in-market shoppers you have not reached before.  Again, through insights collected by the Facebook pixel on your site, we can run Automotive Inventory Ads that target people who resemble your website visitors (also known as lookalike audiences) and that show signs of being in-market car shoppers.

We can also run On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads campaigns to retarget and engage new shoppers. These campaigns function similarly to standard Automotive Inventory Ads, except, they drop shoppers on a dynamically generated VDP on Facebook instead of your website.

Facebook does this to decrease the chance of a bounce and the improved shopping experience has been show to drive more leads at a lower cost. In fact, Facebook reports “on average, driving ads to an on-Facebook destination reduced cost-per-lead by 82%.”

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How does Dealer Teamwork’s Facebook & Instagram Ads solution work?

Similar to other digital ads and online content that are powered by the MPOP®, Dealer Teamwork’s Facebook and Instagram advertising product is driven by vehicle offers being created in our software.

Dealers simply need to ensure they merchandise their new and used inventory in the MPOP®, and then the software does the rest.  With Social Media Marketing, your offers are not only pushed to your website landing pages, pay-per-click ads, and email campaign builder, they are also automatically extended to your Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Create the offers once, and the software syndicates them everywhere!

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How do I sign up for Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads with Dealer Teamwork?

If you are a current client, reach out to your Account Manager and they will assist you in the enrollment process.

If you are a new customer, request a demonstration of the product here and our Sales team will assist you in any questions and sign up processes.

Are any of your staff Facebook Blueprint Certified?

Yes! Several of our staff hold Facebook Blueprint Certifications.  Our certified team members earned certifications by demonstrating proficiency in the skills, technologies, advertising policies and best practices required to be successful on the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms.  As certified professionals in this program, our team members can provide expert insight on automotive social media tactics and strategies.